The WNBA has offered a new proposal for the 2020 season to its players that includes 100% of players' salaries, according to ESPN's Mechelle Voepel.

A massive shift from the league's original proposal last week that had the players only making 60% of their contracted salaries. That proposal would have resulted in the highest-paid players only making $129,000 and the average salary (normally $130,000) dropping to only $78,000.

The WNBPA pushed back on that offer and according to the report led to all sides agreeing to full pay.

"It's a very good proposal for the players, especially in comparison to other sports leagues," one longtime WNBA agent told ESPN. 

MLB is one of those leagues that is having difficulty coming to terms with their players on how to hold the 2020 season. Financial concerns are continuously being reported as one of the biggest pieces of friction.


Additionally, the new WNBA proposal allows some players to bring 'plus-ones' to a bubble-like atmosphere reported at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. Players with five years of league service can have a spouse or significant other on-site for the season. But, according to the report, the player would have to pay for lodging, testing, meals and other expenses. Children of the players and a caretaker would be allowed to come as well.


Once the league is narrowed down to four teams in the semifinals, all players could bring a 'plus one' down to the site.

There will be a provision as a part of the deal that will grant players the chance to opt-out of the season. If the player is "medicially-certified as high-risk if they contracted coronavirus" then they would still get their salary. Other players can not participate but won't receive a salary. 

Execution details of this proposal are consistent with the original plan of a 22-game regular season -- condensed from 36 -- starting on July 24. Playoffs will remain unchanged and extend slightly into October. Players, coaches and team personnel will also be tested for COVID-19 once they arrive and throughout their time at the venue.

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