We all know the Washington Nationals are close buds with the Washington Capitals. But apparently, they also have a good working relationship with the NHL officials. 

That is evident in Adam Eaton's recent photo of the Commissioner's Trophy with several NHL officials during their visit to a Capitals game earlier this season.

Max Scherzer, Patrick Corbin, Yan Gomes, and Trea Turner made an appearance in the photo as well. 

While in the locker room the Nats thanked the Capitals for their support throughout the Nats' championship run. 

In the caption, Eaton uses the hashtag "#shirtlesszamboniriding," referencing when the Nats rode atop a Zamboni and handed out signed beer bottles to fans.  

You don't typically see NHL referees taking a picture with the trophy, let alone taking a picture at all. Guess the good deed was paid forward to the Caps who beat the Calgary Flames 4-2 that night.