After the Nationals' 12-3 blowout win of the Astros in Game 2 of the World Series, you probably saw a lot of dugout dance parties.

Each player has their own signature move, Brian Dozier likes to twerk, Stephen Strasburg likes to skip in a circle and Anthony Rendon likes to Dougie.

The most intricate dance, however, is Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick's "clutch and drive" dugout dance they do together. 

After dancing through the line after hitting a home run in Game 2, Eaton joined Kendrick on the dugout bench, where they pumped their foot on an imaginary clutch while driving an imaginary car. During Wednesday night's blowout, Fox caught the must-see dance on their broadcast.

The pair have been doing their dugout dance together since at least June, as seen in June 9th's game against the San Diego Padres.

"We're both really big car guys and him and I have a really special relationship with cars and just, we love cars so we're like, 'you know what, let's drive, I wanna drive,' and then all of a sudden, Howie starts hitting homers and I'm like, 'this is pretty cool, we're drivin," Eaton said to the media following Game 2's win.

"I round the bases like, 'man, I get to drive!'" 

So, the next time you're watching the game with friends, you can tell them you know Eaton and Kendrick's 'clutch and drive' dugout dance.