Of all the hot takes on Nationals fans booing Bryce Harper in his return to D.C. with the Phillies, this one comes straight from the deep fryer. 

During Wednesday's episode of ESPN's High Noon, co-host Bomani Jones blasted the Nats Park crowd for booing Harper Tuesday night, calling them "small."

"They offered him a contract with deferred money out to 2072. Everybody with any observation here recognizes that he left because they didn't really want him to be there," said Jones. "So what is it that people are booing?"

"What has happened is, people believe this is just what you're supposed to do. It is just supposed to be part of the fan experience, and as a result, they booed him just because they are small people who wanted somebody to boo and that makes them feel better."

However, Jones' counterpart Pablo S. Torre defended the fans who booed Harper. 

"I liked it because I like Bryce Harper as a wrestling heel. I want more Bryce Harper calling for the boos to his ear," said Torre. "I want the bad blood. I want this."


"Maybe they booed him because sports is sometimes a cathartic experience where you can boo people in substitution of people that you actually can't boo in your real life."

You can say Nats fans are perhaps a little petty for booing Harper, but their hatred for him is very sincere. In fact, some of them now side with Jonathan Papelbon for trying to choke Harper in 2015! 

And no matter what Jones or anyone else says, Nats fans won't stop booing Harper until his final days in the majors.