Bryce Harper ended his April the same way he started it, with a whole stadium booing him. This time, it was his home team showing their displeasure. 

Harper started the season strong but has had a less than stellar month. He came into Wednesday hitting .240. In the last two weeks, he has hit a meager .196. A large contributor to that is Haper's strikeout rate, 28.8 percent, which is the highest of his career.

While he is on pace to hit 33 home runs and 112 RBI's, he is also on track to strikeout 212 times this season. If he continues at this pace, he will have the fifth-highest strikeout rating in the league.

In a post-game interview, Harper told Philadelphia reporters that he "feels fine, but I keep missing pitches." 

When asked about the boos, Harper said, “I’d do the same thing." 

"It’s not fun to lose," said Harper to reporters. "It’s not fun to watch when you’re playing that way. [I was] 0-for-4 with two punchies, I’m probably thinking the same thing walking back to the dugout.


Tuesday night was a particularly rough night for the right fielder. He misplayed a flyball so badly in the outfield despite Statcast saying he had a 99 percent probability of making the catch.  

It wasn’t just this one game or one missed catch that had fans booing. Harper has been going through quite a slump. But Phillies manager Gabe Kapler "believes in Bryce with every ounce of my being." 

Philly fans were singing his praises when they signed him in February

The duration of the honeymoon phase was always in question once Harper signed in Philadelphia. The town is happy to boo athletes. Even its own.