What started off as a great day for Nationals fans, especially after Max Scherzer struck out Bryce Harper in his first at-bat in D.C. as a member of the Phillies, went south quickly.

Harper recorded three hits, and in the 8th inning he uncorked a rocket into the second deck in right-center, just a few paces away from where he used to stand for 162 games a season.

Twitter was buzzing after the blast, thanks to Harper unleashing one of the most aggressive bat flips in recent baseball memory.

This isn’t just tossing the bat to the side, or high in the air. This is a true bat flip, as Harper’s weapon of choice spirals several times in the air.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that this violent bat flip went in the clear direction of the Nationals dugout, though it would have been hard to avoid considering the location of home dugout at Nationals Park. 

It’s hard to imagine Harper had any issues with the actual players and coaches in the Nationals organization, so it wouldn’t make sense to read too much into that aspect.

Harper has been crushing the ball with Philadelphia, as he’s hit two of the five longest home runs in the Statcast era. He also owns two of the three longest home runs in baseball this season, after hitting just two bombs more than 450 feet in all of 2018, according to ESPN.


Unfortunately for Nats fans, if Harper keeps hitting this well over the next 13 seasons, there could be a few more bat flips on the horizon.