With the future of Bryce Harper being on the Washington Nationals is still up in the air, Harper potentially played his final game with a Curly W on his chest in a loss to the Rockies on Sunday night.

Whether or not the former NL MVP will be back, it was a sentimental day for Harper. 

Postgame, Harper delivered an emotional interview with MASN's Dan Kolko alluding more to his intentions this offseason. 

Fighting back tears, Harper talked about what the final game of the 2018 season meant to him.

"[I'm] getting a little emotional right now, because you never know. I was happy to be able to go up there and hit a double, write it off like that," Harper said. "If I'm back, I'd love to be. If I'm not then you know, we'll see what happens."

As he mentioned, Harper delivered a one-out double in the top of the ninth, in what could very well be his final at-bat with the Nats. Although it was meaningless, with the Nationals down 12-0 in the final frame, it put a nice cap on Harper's career in Washington if he ends up going elsewhere this offseason. He finished the contest 2-for-4, both hits were doubles.


He also had a message to Nats fans: 

"I just want to thank them. They were the ones to give me my first standing [ovation], being able to hit a walk-off homer and them cheering me. They show up every single night, day-in and day-out they were with us. From the first time I stepped foot in that stadium they had my back, they were behind me and I can't thank them enough. I love D.C. and that's what it's all about." 

These are fond words that are not too revealing of his personal plans. This offseason Harper will hit free agency in what will be a blockbuster year for free agents. Talking heads and executives anticipate that he could receive a deal upwards of $400 million or more. 

Obviously Harper is reflective of his time in the nation's capital, but has yet to say outright that he wants to return the Nationals no matter the offer.