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Bryce Harper home run tracker

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Bryce Harper home run tracker

Chicks dig the long ball, and so does Bryce Harper.

There are few things in life as violent, and simultaneously majestic, as a Harper moonshot. The Nationals slugger has always had prodigious power, even going back to his Sports Illustrated-cover days as a high schooler. That power has seamlessly translated to the pros, where a healthy Bryce is as good a bet as any to lead the National League in round-trippers. Over a week into the season, he still had more home runs than 5 full MLB teams.

It's hard finding the time to watch every pitch in a single season, so we've made it easy to find, watch, and re-watch several times every single Bryce Harper home run in 2018. Enjoy.


Home Run #1 - April 1st

Harper launches his 1st home run of the season against Reds pitcher Sal Romano, a solo shot in the 6th inning to give the Nats a 3-0 lead.

Distance: 397 ft
Exit velocity: 108 mph
Angle: 34°

Home Run #2 - April 1st

Harper doubles down with his 2nd solo homer in the game, this time off Raisel Iglesias, extending the Nats lead to 6-3 in the 9th.  Oh, and this bomb came after a fan chanted "overrated."

Distance: 425 ft
Exit velocity: 109 mph
Angle: 28°

Home Run #3 - April 2nd

The Nats took it to Braves starter Sean Newcomb, and Harper got in on the party with a 3-run shot to give the team an early 5-0 lead. 

Distance: 425 ft
Exit velocity: 108 mph
Angle: 30°

Home Run #4 - April 3rd

The Nats lost for the first time, but it wasn't for lack of a Harper home run. The slugger cranked a solo shot to right to cut the Braves lead to 8-5 in the 3rd inning off frequent victim Julio Teheran. 

Distance: 367ft
Exit velocity: 95mph
Angle: 32°

Home Run #5 - April 7th

Few players in baseball can match Harper's raw power, which allows him to drive balls out to the opposite field with ease. He gave the Nats a 6-inning lead with this beauty, while becoming the first player to reach 5 home runs in 2018.

Distance: 405 ft
Exit velocity: 108 mph
Angle: 23°

Home Run #6 - April 8th

Harper wasted no time blasting his 6th homer of the season, taking Matt Harvey deep in the 1st inning on Sunday Night Baseball. This bomb extending his league-leading home run count, as no one else in baseball has more than 4 at this point.

Distance: 368 ft
Exit velocity: 102 mph
Angle: 35°

Home Run #7 - April 15th

Mike Trout tied him for the MLB lead in home runs on April 14th at 6 apiece, so Harper promptly clobbered another one the next afternoon in his first at-bat. This was an absolute moonshot.
Distance: 418 ft
Exit velocity: 109 mph
Angle: 28°

Home Run #8 - April 16th

Harper stunned everyone by shattering his bat while hitting a home run to right center field. This thing was pure strength, and the sluggler took off to first base still holding what was left of his bat — which wasn't much. Also, the majority of his bat went flying.

Distance: 406 ft
Exit velocity: 99 mph
Angle: 30°

Home Run #9 - May 1st

Harper came into this game hitting leadoff for the first time since 2013. It worked! 

Distance: 416 ft.
Exit Velocity: 110.5 mph
Launch Angle: 33°

Home Run #10 - May 2nd

The Harper leadoff experiment has been a raging success through two days. Here's Harper hitting the first leadoff homer of his career:

Distance: 416 ft
Exit Velocity: 109.1 mph 
Launch Angle: 32°

Home Run #11 - May 4th

The leadoff experiment for Bryce is working, here is the second one of his handful of starts from the top spot. 

Distance: 367 ft
Exit Velocity: 104.0 mph 
Launch Angle: 25°

Home Run #12 - May 4th

The second one in a game? Yessir. And this one was crushed for the longest one of Harper's career.

Distance: 473 ft
Exit Velocity: 112.1 mph 
Launch Angle: 23°

Home Run #13 - May 13th

Harper hits his 13th homer on May 13th, which is kind of cool? A tiny bit cool? Not totally uncool? It's something. 

Distance: 449 ft
Exit Velocity: 115 mph 
Launch Angle: 25°

Home Run #14 - May 21st

On a night where Juan Soto took the spotlight, Harper made everyone remember that he can play a little too. 

Distance: 449 ft
Exit Velocity: 98.6 mph 
Launch Angle: 37°

Home Run #15 - May 22nd

And for the second straight night, Bryce Harper takes one out. 

Distance: 433 ft
Exit Velocity: 110.1 mph 
Launch Angle: 31°

Home Run #16 - May 27th

Distance: 398 ft
Exit Velocity: 108 mph 
Launch Angle: 30°

Home Run #17 - May 29th

Harper got right back at it during the Beltway Series, taking Orioles ace out to right-center field in the top of the 1st inning.

Distance: 299 ft
Exit Velocity: 101 mph
Launch Angle: 33°

HOME RUN #18 - MAY 30th

Harper continues to crush the O's, kind of like he continues to crush every other major league team. 

Distance: 376
Exit Velocity: 100 mph
Launch Angle: 31°


Harper put on a show for the visiting Washington Capitals absolutely crushing a 437-footer to right center. 

Distance: 437
Exit Velocity: 109.1 mph
Launch Angle: 25°


Harper's first home run in nearly three weeks was a 402-foot dinger to put the Nats up 10-0. Sounds good. 

Distance: 402
Exit Velocity: 105.5 mph
Launch Angle: 34°


Harper clobbered his 21st homerun of the year into the upper deck in right field to pull the Nats within one of the Red Sox.

Distance: 439
Exit Velocity: 112.1 mph
Launch Angle: 32°


Harper got the Nats within three runs, crushing this one over the bushes in center field. 

Distance: 443
Exit Velocity: 109 mph
Launch Angle: 24°


Harper gave the Nats much-needed insurance runs, crushing a two-run bomb to right field in the seventh inning. 

Distance: 382 
Exit Velocity: 105 mph
Launch Angle: 35°

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Bryce Harper slid in to Rhys Hoskins' latest Instagram and we're kinda worried

Rhys Hoskins / Instagram

Bryce Harper slid in to Rhys Hoskins' latest Instagram and we're kinda worried

No one knows when Bryce Harper will sign a contract – perhaps not even Harper himself – but he is fueling speculation every chance he gets.


The Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins posted a picture from the team’s spring training site in Clearwater, Florida.


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missed this walk to work🌴

A post shared by Rhys Hoskins (@rhystothehoskins) on


This itself is not newsworthy. Plenty of players have posted pictures of their arrivals at spring training. Scroll through the comments, however, and you will notice that Harper commented “Suhhhhh kiiiiiiid.” This comes one day after Hoskins commented on a Valentine’s Day post by Harper dedicated to his wife, Kayla.


View this post on Instagram

My Funny Valentine!😂🥰 #Greys

A post shared by Bryce Harper (@bharper3407) on


The Phillies are among the teams rumored to be potential suitors for the 2015 NL MVP. Does this mean Harper is going to sign with one of the Nationals’ biggest rivals and remain in the NL East? No idea. But Harper is doing a good job of holding onto everyone’s attention while he remains undecided.


This is not the first time Harper has fueled speculation via social media.


Hoskins posted this picture on Instagram back in December, with the caption “loading…”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Rhys Hoskins (@rhystothehoskins) on


On Super Bowl Sunday, Harper tweeted this:



This week, Harper unfollowed a number of Washington Capitals on Twitter, according to Caps winger Tom Wilson:



In January, MLB The Show’s twitter account posted a series of simulations showcasing how some team’s seasons might look with Harper in the fold. He quoted some of those tweets with some cryptic emojis:



That same account also tweeted “You'll want to keep an eye on this account tomorrow... just saying,” back on January 28th.



This fueled speculation that the video game’s cover would be released the next day and Harper, as the cover athlete, would reveal his destination by appearing on the cover in his new team’s uniform. The cover was released, but it featured Harper in a plain white hoodie.


For now, Harper watch continues. As a matter of fact, you should go ahead and refresh your Twitter and Instagram feeds – odds are he posted another cryptic tweet or comment while you were reading this.






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MLB insiders from around the league share their opinions on Bryce Harper

MLB insiders from around the league share their opinions on Bryce Harper

The battle for Bryce Harper is all anyone can talk about in Washington, D.C. and at Nationals Spring Training in West Palm Beach, Florida. Apparently, it’s all anyone can talk about anywhere.

This week on D.C. Sports Live, MLB insiders from NBC Sports regional networks around the country gathered to discuss the Bryce Harper sweepstakes, while making predictions on where the coveted slugger would end up playing in 2019 and beyond.

There wasn’t one consensus pick among the four insiders, though none of them predicted San Diego or Chicago as Harper’s final destination. The Giants, Phillies, and Nationals themselves seemingly stand out from the pack as the most likely options, though of course that is subject to change at any point.

“I think there’s a very slight, slight chance that he returns to the Nationals,” said NBC Sports Washington’s Todd Dybas. “Those are very low odds to me.”

Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area felt differently from Dybas, thanks to a conversation with one of the Giants.

“I asked a player this today, and he predicted the Nationals,” Pavlovic said. “So I’m going to go with him.”

While the Phillies have long been viewed as one of the favorites, NBC Sports Philadelphia’s insider, Jim Salisbury, agreed with Pavlovic, saying he still thinks “there’s a chance he ends up back with the Nationals.”

Vinnie Duber of NBC Sports Chicago rounded out the predictions by saying the Phillies make a lot of sense.

Interestingly, none of the insiders except Salisbury seemed too confident in the teams they personally cover as Harper’s final destination. Pavlovic feels the Giants aren’t interested in giving any player $100 million, let alone the rumored $300 million the Nationals offered, meaning it would be difficult for San Francisco to reach a number Harper likes.

The Phillies obviously have money and a need on the roster, but Salisbury feels the organization isn’t too picky between Harper or the other remaining big fish, Manny Machado.

“At this point here in Philadelphia, it’s a jump ball between Machado and Harper,” Salisbury described. “And whoever wants it, come and get it, and you’ll be a Phillie.”

The game of musical chairs between the teams, Harper, Machado, and every other free agent is still alive and well. It’s clear from the roundtable that no one is really sure where Harper will end up. We’re all playing the same waiting game when it comes to the superstar.