Chicks dig the long ball, and so does Bryce Harper.

There are few things in life as violent, and simultaneously majestic, as a Harper moonshot. The Nationals slugger has always had prodigious power, even going back to his Sports Illustrated-cover days as a high schooler. That power has seamlessly translated to the pros, where a healthy Bryce is as good a bet as any to lead the National League in round-trippers. Over a week into the season, he still had more home runs than 5 full MLB teams.

It's hard finding the time to watch every pitch in a single season, so we've made it easy to find, watch, and re-watch several times every single Bryce Harper home run in 2018. Enjoy.


Home Run #1 - April 1st

Harper launches his 1st home run of the season against Reds pitcher Sal Romano, a solo shot in the 6th inning to give the Nats a 3-0 lead.

Distance: 397 ft
Exit velocity: 108 mph
Angle: 34°

Home Run #2 - April 1st

Harper doubles down with his 2nd solo homer in the game, this time off Raisel Iglesias, extending the Nats lead to 6-3 in the 9th.  Oh, and this bomb came after a fan chanted "overrated."

Distance: 425 ft
Exit velocity: 109 mph
Angle: 28°


Home Run #3 - April 2nd

The Nats took it to Braves starter Sean Newcomb, and Harper got in on the party with a 3-run shot to give the team an early 5-0 lead. 

Distance: 425 ft
Exit velocity: 108 mph
Angle: 30°

Home Run #4 - April 3rd

The Nats lost for the first time, but it wasn't for lack of a Harper home run. The slugger cranked a solo shot to right to cut the Braves lead to 8-5 in the 3rd inning off frequent victim Julio Teheran. 

Distance: 367ft
Exit velocity: 95mph
Angle: 32°

Home Run #5 - April 7th

Few players in baseball can match Harper's raw power, which allows him to drive balls out to the opposite field with ease. He gave the Nats a 6-inning lead with this beauty, while becoming the first player to reach 5 home runs in 2018.

Distance: 405 ft
Exit velocity: 108 mph
Angle: 23°

Home Run #6 - April 8th

Harper wasted no time blasting his 6th homer of the season, taking Matt Harvey deep in the 1st inning on Sunday Night Baseball. This bomb extending his league-leading home run count, as no one else in baseball has more than 4 at this point.

Distance: 368 ft
Exit velocity: 102 mph
Angle: 35°

Home Run #7 - April 15th

Mike Trout tied him for the MLB lead in home runs on April 14th at 6 apiece, so Harper promptly clobbered another one the next afternoon in his first at-bat. This was an absolute moonshot.
Distance: 418 ft
Exit velocity: 109 mph
Angle: 28°

Home Run #8 - April 16th

Harper stunned everyone by shattering his bat while hitting a home run to right center field. This thing was pure strength, and the sluggler took off to first base still holding what was left of his bat — which wasn't much. Also, the majority of his bat went flying.


Distance: 406 ft
Exit velocity: 99 mph
Angle: 30°

Home Run #9 - May 1st

Harper came into this game hitting leadoff for the first time since 2013. It worked! 

Distance: 416 ft.
Exit Velocity: 110.5 mph
Launch Angle: 33°

Home Run #10 - May 2nd

The Harper leadoff experiment has been a raging success through two days. Here's Harper hitting the first leadoff homer of his career:

Distance: 416 ft
Exit Velocity: 109.1 mph 
Launch Angle: 32°

Home Run #11 - May 4th

The leadoff experiment for Bryce is working, here is the second one of his handful of starts from the top spot. 

Distance: 367 ft
Exit Velocity: 104.0 mph 
Launch Angle: 25°

Home Run #12 - May 4th

The second one in a game? Yessir. And this one was crushed for the longest one of Harper's career.

Distance: 473 ft
Exit Velocity: 112.1 mph 
Launch Angle: 23°

Home Run #13 - May 13th

Harper hits his 13th homer on May 13th, which is kind of cool? A tiny bit cool? Not totally uncool? It's something. 

Distance: 449 ft
Exit Velocity: 115 mph 
Launch Angle: 25°

Home Run #14 - May 21st

On a night where Juan Soto took the spotlight, Harper made everyone remember that he can play a little too. 

Distance: 449 ft
Exit Velocity: 98.6 mph 
Launch Angle: 37°

Home Run #15 - May 22nd

And for the second straight night, Bryce Harper takes one out. 

Distance: 433 ft
Exit Velocity: 110.1 mph 
Launch Angle: 31°

Home Run #16 - May 27th

Distance: 398 ft
Exit Velocity: 108 mph 
Launch Angle: 30°

Home Run #17 - May 29th

Harper got right back at it during the Beltway Series, taking Orioles ace out to right-center field in the top of the 1st inning.

Distance: 299 ft
Exit Velocity: 101 mph
Launch Angle: 33°

HOME RUN #18 - MAY 30th

Harper continues to crush the O's, kind of like he continues to crush every other major league team. 

Distance: 376
Exit Velocity: 100 mph
Launch Angle: 31°


Harper put on a show for the visiting Washington Capitals absolutely crushing a 437-footer to right center. 

Distance: 437
Exit Velocity: 109.1 mph
Launch Angle: 25°


Harper's first home run in nearly three weeks was a 402-foot dinger to put the Nats up 10-0. Sounds good. 

Distance: 402
Exit Velocity: 105.5 mph
Launch Angle: 34°


Harper clobbered his 21st homerun of the year into the upper deck in right field to pull the Nats within one of the Red Sox.

Distance: 439
Exit Velocity: 112.1 mph
Launch Angle: 32°


Harper got the Nats within three runs, crushing this one over the bushes in center field. 

Distance: 443
Exit Velocity: 109 mph
Launch Angle: 24°


Harper gave the Nats much-needed insurance runs, crushing a two-run bomb to right field in the seventh inning. 

Distance: 382 
Exit Velocity: 105 mph
Launch Angle: 35°