It turns out not wanting to spill your drinks at the World Series can lead to some pretty cool things. 

The Nationals fan who went viral for double fisting two Bug Lights instead of catching a home run now has even more special attention. The fan, Jeff Adams, got his own float in the Nationals World Series Parade on Saturday. 

First, Bud Light sent Adams to Houston following his excellent defense for his beers. He sacrificed his body to avoid spilling any of his $25 worth of beers, only to generate an estimated $8 million worth over the course of the two-day brand exposure for the beer company.  

Now, he's continuing his legacy on a float in the parade. He'll be passing out shirts and going to select D.C. bars throughout the day. Fans can purchase these shirts with proceeds going to Folds of Honor, in honor of Adams who is a veteran. 

Photo courtesy of Frank Piscani

Don't forget the fact that he still got the ball too.