Amid the uncertainty about Anthony Rendon's future with the Nationals, baseball insider Buster Olney joined Chase Hughes on the most recent edition of the Nationals Talk podcast to discuss all things Rendon.

To start, his contract situation is dependent on where Rendon finishes in the National League MVP race.

"He's played himself into a position right now where I think he's running a strong third in the national league MVP voting," Olney noted, with Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Christian Yelich as the front runners.

But if either of those two falters down the stretch, the award could be Rendon's to lose.

"Rendon has played so well lately that if you saw a collapse from Bellinger, from Christian Yelich, then I think Rendon could jump in and steal it at the back end," Olney said.

Bellinger's Dodgers appear to be co-favorites for Rendon's services, along with his hometown Texas Rangers.

"Anthony Rendon's gonna kill it," Olney said. "You would assume that the Texas Rangers, from his home state with a lot of money to spend, new ballpark next year, they would get involved."

But don't discount the Dodgers, as their management has liked what they've seen from the stud third baseman.

They are, to me, a team to watch cause Rendon is exactly the type of player that Andrew Freeman, their head of baseball ops there, values in on-base percentage and being a well-rounded hitter and being such a serious professional," Olney said.


Another reason for the fit is the Dodgers looming issues on third base.  "Keep in mind, Justin Turner's got only one year left on his deal so Rendon could be the next third baseman," Olney noted.

Rendon's reaction to the hubbub has been, well, typical Anthony Rendon.

"He basically said that when he gets to free agency, assuming that he gets to free agency, he basically is gonna run off to an island someplace and not pay attention to anything that's being said about his situation," Olney said.

Here's to hoping Rendon can enjoy that island vacation in peace.