Just because the eventual 2020 World Series champion will have played fewer games, don't expect the rest of Major League Baseball to look at them with a scoff. 

In fact, it's apparently viewed by players as an even taller task given the circumstances of this year. 

"I did a story, this was a couple weeks ago, I talked to managers, GMs, players, and they all swore, you know, up an down, that's it's gonna mean even more, just because of what you've been through," USA Today's Bob Nightengale said on the Nationals Talk podcast. "Starting Spring Training. Stopping Spring Training. Not knowing when you're going to pick up again. So emotionally, physically, it's a very challenging season. So, the managers will tell you this might even mean more than just a regular season."

There's no question baseball is in the middle of something they've never experienced before, and it would be a lazy argument to brush aside the accomplishments of any successful team in 2020, let alone the one that wins it all.


The number of regular season games played is minuscule compared to the mental toll the last couple of months has taken on everyone involved in the sport.

The human element of sports is far too often overlooked, and anyone deciding to put an asterisk on this season would be doing just that. 


Unique circumstances tend to bring out the best in the best. How this year's best, whenever the season gets going, reacts to those circumstances, will truly be a remarkable achievement. 

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