On his second appearance on the Nationals Talk podcast, Chuck Todd of "Meet the Press" admitted that, growing up in Miami, he had no Major League team to root for and that he always wanted to live in a city with a team.

"I always thought it would be great after work to go to a baseball game," Todd explained.

Now that the Nationals have stuck around since 2005, his allegiance is firmly with the Curly W's.

"I have shifted all Nats now cause my son is into it," Todd said.

As a fan and season ticket holder now, he's just as invested in the future of the franchise. The first of which is bringing back Anthony Rendon when his contract expires at the end of this year.

"I'm trying to be logical about it," Todd noted. "We're (season ticket holders) doing all we can, I wanna know are you (management) doing all you can for the fans."

Given the fact that Bryce Harper walked just a season ago, Todd thinks it would be a disservice to the fans if Rendon walks now.

"I think the blank check approach has to be considered a business decision," Todd said.  "It's hard to overpay for a corner infielder, particularly a third baseman. I just think it sends a terrible message to the fan base if they don't."

Furthermore, Todd understands that overpaying for an outfielder like Harper might not have been smart, but because Rendon might be a National League MVP candidate, there's a chance the Nationals would have to pay more than they'd like.


"It's one thing to have let Bryce go," Todd noted.  "You are going to overpay him (Rendon), you're going to pay him for unproductive years." 

One fan who didn't take too kindly to Harper's departure was Todd's son.

"He was all fine had it been a West Coast team," Todd chuckled. "The Philly thing felt like salt (in the wound). Like really? You're gonna go with the team that just felt like a lesser team than what the Nats were building. He has enjoyed following his batting average." 

But if it came down to a Wild Card Game shootout between the Nats and the Phillies, Todd and his son don't want to face the former Nat.

 "Like me (my son) doesn't want to see the one-game playoff against Philly," Todd said.

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