Davey Martinez thinks Bumgarner definitely deserves a no-hitter


Nationals manager Davey Martinez became the latest to voice their support for Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner for being credited with a no-hitter for his complete, seven-innings game on Sunday. 

"Congratulations to him, it was awesome and I absolutely think that he should be rewarded a no-hitter," Martinez told media on Tuesday.

Despite throwing a shutout in Arizona's 7-0 win against Atlanta, Bumgarner's stellar performance wasn't recognized as a no-hitter due to a 1991 rule that requires at least nine innings for a game, in which a pitcher doesn't give up any hits, to be declared a no-hitter.

This is the first time a pitcher threw a complete game since the MLB started speeding proceedings up in doubleheaders scheduled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic at the start of last season. Bumgarner was up to pitch after the Diamondbacks got seven innings out of Zac Gallen, who gave up just one hit in their 5-0 win over the Braves earlier in the day. 

It's also the first time Bumgarner threw a game without giving up a hit in an accomplished career. It's a shame for an accomplished player like the three-time World Series champ that Bumgarner is that this game doesn't count on such a small technicality. 

 "He didn't make the rules. He got 21 outs, that was the game so I definitely think that he deserves a no-hitter," Martinez said.