Nats' Martinez throws, kicks first base bag in epic rant

Davey Martinez
John Means

Davey Martinez had seen this call hurt the Nationals before.

In Game 6 of the 2019 World Series against the Houston Astros, Nationals shortstop Trea Turner hit a soft groundball fielded by the pitcher. Turner nearly beat the throw to first, but it soared wide and he ended up on second base in a key moment of the ballgame — that is, until he was called out for running out of the basepath on his way to first.

That prompted Martinez to exchange some words with the umpiring crew. He had to be held back by multiple coaches before ultimately being tossed.

A similar play unfolded Wednesday at Wrigley Field with the Nationals playing the third leg of a four-game series with the Chicago Cubs. Turner struck out swinging on a ball that got past catcher Willson Contreras. He sprinted to first and made it there just as the ball did but was once again called out. Martinez wasn’t having it.

Home plate umpire Chris Conroy threw Martinez out of the game for the outburst, which saw the Nationals skipper demonstrate where Turner ran before he pulled the first base bag out of the ground, threw it down and kicked it into the grass in foul territory. It was the first time Martinez had been ejected in 2021.