David Ortiz shows 'phenom' Juan Soto some love before Game 2


Arguably the greatest designated hitter in the history of Major League Baseball, David Ortiz has seen his share of greats. As a FOX Sports baseball analyst on-site for the World Series, Big Papi made time to hang out with Juan Soto, the young Nationals legend.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a phenom (noun) is defined as "a person who is outstandingly talented or admired, especially an up-and-comer." See: Juan Soto, rocking 180 RBI, 17 stolen bases, and .937 OPS in just two years of playing Major League ball.

The kid can't even drink champagne yet (turns 21 on October 25) but Papi says Soto has "been bless[ed] with something that a lot [of] athletes don’t have," a good head on his shoulders and responsible parents. 

Ortiz also notes Soto's remarkable maturity, saying "he is only 20 year old and play the game and have the personality of a 30 year old person." 

We know we're watching history in the making with Juan Soto in Washington, but we could also be witnessing the start of a beautiful baseball friendship. Ortiz could serve as a close mentor to Soto; both hail from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic