Dodgers’ cardboard cutouts watch on as Astros homer in ALDS


The Houston Astros played a playoff game at Dodger Stadium on Monday for the first time since winning Game 7 of the World Series there in 2017. This time, however, neither the Dodgers nor their fans were there to see it.

Los Angeles was chosen as one of several neutral sites for this year’s playoffs as MLB looks to finish off the 2020 season in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Dodger Stadium ended up hosting the ALDS between the Astros and Oakland Athletics, an interesting choice given how Houston was found to have used hidden cameras to illegally steal opposing pitchers’ signs during that title-winning 2017 campaign.

The Dodgers, like many other teams across the league, filled up their stadium with cardboard cutouts in lieu of fans attending games. Those cardboard cutouts were then forced to watch as the Astros lit up A’s pitchers with a barrage of home runs — three of which came off the bats of stars from that 2017 team.

Some of the cutouts behind home plate were replaced with pictures of A’s fans, but a majority of the Dodgers cutouts were left alone. They weren’t able to boo the Astros like they would’ve in a normal season, instead watching silently as the Astros jumped out to a 1-0 series lead over Oakland.