There was a moment in the ninth inning of Game 5 where nearly everyone thought the game was over. 

The game was tied 3-3. Only one out on the board and ninth innings of teams past on the minds of every National fan. Then the Dodgers' catcher Will Smith jacked a ball deep into right. The entire crowd in Dodger Stadium rose to their feet, Adam Eaton backtracking, on the warning track, stopping - out. 

And the Dodgers were ready to celebrate. 

You really hate to see it. 

Can't really blame them either. Everyone thought it was gone. Demons of past years had every Nats fan feeling queasy. 

Then we saw Howie Kendrick actually hit one out of the park, without a doubt the biggest grand slam in Washington Nationals history

At least the Nats waited to celebrate once it was beyond the fence and the game was over.