Dr. Fauci hopes fans can return to ballparks in 2021


Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed optimism regarding the potential for fans to attend baseball games during the 2021 season in an interview with NBC4 on Monday.

"As you get to the late spring, early summer, gradually you're going to see a loosening up of those restrictions," Fauci told NBC4's Doreen Gentzler. "So they will be able to go to a ball game, you may not have a packed house, but I'm fairly certain that as we get into the summer that if the infection rate does go down the way I believe it will, then you'll be able to go to the ballpark and watch a game."

While Fauci said that by the fall that he hopes there will be "an umbrella of herd immunity" and a start of a return to normalcy in terms of indoor dining and attending indoor sporting events as more of the population gets vaccinated, he said nothing is guaranteed. 

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Regardless, Gentzler made sure to bring up Fauci's last experience at Nats Park last summer, when he threw out the first pitch. Fauci explained his pitch wasn't as great as he had hoped because he over-practiced and threw out his arm, something he said he wouldn't make the same mistake if he got another invitation. 

"I think they should give someone else a chance to make a fool out of themselves like I did last time," Fauci said.

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