Eireann Dolan shares how Juan Soto saved Halloween

Juan Soto

This weekend marks the second anniversary of when the Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros in seven games to win the franchises' first Worlds Series title. 

In commemoration of the 2019 championship, the wife of former Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle, Eireann Dolan, shared a behind the scene story on Twitter on how the team celebrated Halloween. 

Washington won the World Series on the 30th, and after celebrating the day in Houston, the team left the city on the 31st with the players and staff's kids showing up with their costumes, but the unfortunate part is that they wouldn't land in time for them to trick or treat. 

Nonetheless, Dolan elaborated on how Nationals outfielder Juan Soto helped the kids celebrate Halloween while thousands of feet from the ground. 

"20 minutes into the flight, Juan Soto got out of his seat with several bags of candy and gave each of us a handful," Dolan tweeted.

"Then he went to the kids, gave them bags, and told them to go trick or treating on the flight. So they went row by row, and we each gave them a piece of candy."

Despite at the time only being ninteen years old, Soto played a significant role in making sure the children of his teammates enjoyed Halloween, on top of the team's championship celebration.