WASHINGTON -- The Nationals were en route to being shut out for the second time in four games on Friday night, this time against the Braves, when frustrations boiled over leading to a member of the Nats getting ejected. Those things happen, but this time the ejection came from an unexpected source.

First base coach Tim Bogar took issue with a call made by first base umpire Tim Timmons. It was a check swing by Nats player Howie Kendrick. Timmons thought his bat crossed the plate and Bogar thought otherwise.

That sparked a heated argument between the two Tims, prompting Nationals manager Davey Martinez to intervene and physically hold Bogar back. But by the time he jogged out to mediate, Bogar had already been tossed. Bench coach Chip Hale was fetching a helmet and preparing to take his place.

After the game, Martinez explained just how uncommon it is to see Bogar get that angry.

"You usually don't see that from Tim. He just got a little irritated. He didn't think he swung. Tim said he did. I think more so Tim was trying to keep Howie in the game because Howie said something. So, he defended him," Martinez said.

It is rare for Bogar and also unusual for people in his position. According to Beyond the Box Score, a Nationals coach is ejected about once every other season. Hitting coach Rick Schu was tossed in 2016, pitching coach Steve McCatty got the boot once in 2015 and bench coach Randy Knorr had one in 2013. 


Non-manager coaches around the league were tossed 12 times in 2017, no one more than once. It happened to 23 different coaches in 2016 and 15 in 2015.

The MLB record, for those who are interested, is 23 by Cal Ripken Sr. Right behind him on the all-time list is longtime Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan with 22.

Bogar has a long way to go before he joins those ranks. But check-swing calls are often the cause for such occurrences.

"It's a tough call, it really is. You've just gotta watch the barrel," Martinez said. "You're standing a hundred feet [away] and trying to make a call like that."