Here’s what we know: pitchers and catchers report tomorrow, and Bryce Harper still has not signed anywhere.

The playing field seems to change every day and no route seems more correct than another. Let’s breakdown this week’s anticipation for Harper to sign sooner than later.

Earlier in the week, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported that the Giants were going to offer Harper a "a lucrative short-term deal." 

The next day, Cal Ripken talked to the Junkies about how many more teams could be considered if they are willing to offer similarly short-term, high annual salary deals to bring Harper in. 

After this idea simmered around rumor mills for a day, MLB Network insider Jon Heyman ruled out that possibility for Harper, claiming he is not "even considering" short-term deals.



David Murphy, a sports columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer, gave some perspective compared to previously large free agent signings that cut it close to spring training.

Does any of this provide concrete guidance? Do I know any more than you do about where Bryce Harper could possibly sign? I don't think so.

Of everything said this week, I think this indicates the most: Tom Wilson told NBC4 that Harper recently unfollowed a handful of Capitals players on social media


Read the tea leaves, or don’t. It's time to focus on spring training.