Extending Martinez gives Nats added credibility


It may be hard to believe that an organization that just won a World Series could still lack some credibility. Believe it or not though, that's exactly where the Nationals were until last Friday.

Giving manager Davey Martinez an extension and making him their longest-tenured manager not only gives them stability, but also much more credibility. 

For so long, the biggest knock on the Nats was the way they treated managers, tossing them aside like a plastic water bottle. Some, the moves were necessary, sure. Others though raised eyebrows. 

You had to keep the guy that helped lead you to your first World Series title in franchise history. You had to ignore this year and the record, which will be largely forgotten, and keep Martinez. 

Another vacant managerial position in D.C. after achieving the most important goal in the sport would've been a terrible look around Major League Baseball. 

Remember, one of the issues in the past has been candidates wondering how much support they'd have from ownership if they came to Washington to manage. No one wants to take a job that sees constant turnover. No one wants to fear for their job security even if they've been successful. 

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It also helps within the clubhouse. If Martinez had been shown the door, not had his option picked up, or even just been a lame duck again next year, it takes a toll on team chemistry. Players start to wonder about their boss's future, or maybe even start to question the direction of the organization. 


“It’s great that we extended Davey,” Max Scherzer told reporters on Saturday. "He’s really become one of my favorite managers of all."

Now, with Martinez's deal reportedly going three years just like Mike Rizzo's, the team can use this offseason to start building back toward what they were before 2020. Three years also, in theory, gives both a little time to not only build a winner now, but hopefully add some young pieces to a diminished farm system for the future. 

Rizzo and Martinez have worked well together, believed in each other, and now have a chance to get back to the postseason in 2021, and chase another World Series ring. They have finally found stability and the credibility that will come with it.