Fans preparing to fly "ASTROS CHEATED" sign over stadium during Astros batting practice


When you get busted for cheating fan vitriol is bound to come your way.

In this situation, directly regarding the Houston Astros, one of the jabs will be a banner flying over Dodger Stadium prior to when the two teams face off Saturday evening, according to the Los Angeles Times.

What will the banner read you may be wondering?


Simple, however, it doesn't stop there, it's a weekend series. On Sunday the banner will read: "STEAL THIS SIGN, ASTROS."

Clever stuff.

This was all fueled by David Yontz, a Dodgers fan from Georgia who started a GoFundMe page to raise the $850 to pay for flying the banner Sunday. As of Saturday morning, the fundraiser had totaled $934. Yontz partnered with Brendan Donley, a Western Michigan native the man from Western who started the 2020 Astros Shame Tour Twitter account. Donley promoted the GoFundMe onto his account with 310,000 followers and ran a poll to decide the banner’s message.

The people have spoken.

There are a few roadblocks that may arise in completing this plan -- Number one, flight clearance.

Owner of Fly Signs Aerial Advertising, Justin Jaye, revealed that he's uncertain if his company would get the clearance to fly either day because of the region’s poor air quality and low visibility in recent days. He also revealed that 15 flights have been grounded in this week because of said issues.


If Fly Signs Aerial Advertising does get the clearance the plane would fly from Corona Airport to Dodgers Stadium right in time for the Astros to take batting practice.