George Springer in a Nationals uniform means forgetting his past


As much as I hate to say it, I'm willing to accept a cheater into the Nationals' clubhouse.

The Nats could use another big bat, and despite the fact that he'd be coming from the biggest villains in baseball in the Houston Astros, George Springer brings what they need to the table. Plus, with Adam Eaton on his way out, another outfielder is on the list of "must-haves" as well in Washington, so you get to check two boxes with Springer.

Sometimes you have to overlook the past because of the benefits you'd get in the present. 

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Springer's 14 home runs would've led the Nats (although the 13 from Juan Soto would've been a lot more had he played a full 60-game season), 32 RBI would've ranked third on the team, all while hitting a solid .270.

Now, Springer has a little bit of a recent injury history, and maybe if you're lucky, that lowers his price tag on the open market somewhat, but that's wishful thinking. 

The market changed for Springer when Mookie Betts took his deal in L.A. Springer became the top outfielder available in a free agent class that's -- meh -- at best.

Yes, you'd have to suck up the fact that he carries the stench of the cheating Astros with him, but for the right price, I'd be okay with the Nationals signing him.


The thing of course with free agency is, they wouldn't be the only team after his signature, but they could sure use him in 2021.