Cole says baseball is hard to grip, pleads MLB to work with them


New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole is the latest star pitcher to share his disappointment in Major League Baseball's decision to outright ban all foreign substance usage midseason.

Following his start on Wednesday night, a 3-2 Yankees win where Cole threw eight innings, the 30-year-old said it was difficult to grip the baseball without any substances on his hand.

"It's hard to grip the ball," Cole said. "It's part of the reason every player on the field has something, regardless if they are a pitcher or not, to help them control the ball."

Cole, who was one of the pitchers who has recently seen his spin rate decrease following MLB's decision to crack down on substances, is worried about pitchers losing control of the baseball without being able to use any substance to improve their grip.

"I would just hate to see players get hurt. I would hate to see balls flying at people's heads," Cole said. "I had a very tough time gripping the baseball tonight, especially early when it was windy."

The Yankees ace is far from the only pitcher who feels this way. Rays star Tyler Glasnow went on a rant earlier this week on MLB's decision to ban substances midseason, saying that he had to alter his grip to control the baseball, which led to him hurting his elbow.

Glasnow, one of MLB's best young arms, suffered a partially torn UCL and could potentially miss the remainder of the season.


For Cole, he wants Major League Baseball to listen to its players and be willing to work with them, rather than make rash decisions like they did last week by banning all foreign substances entirely.

"I don't have a solution on this. We are aligned in a lot of areas with the commissioner's office on this," Cole said. Please just talk with us. Please just work with us. We've been living in a grey area for so long.