Well Nationals fans, tell us how you really feel.

As Bryce Harper made his return to D.C. on Tuesday night as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, the Nationals home crowd was ready to let their voices be heard on how they felt about his decision this offseason. Besides a chorus of boos that serenaded Harper during his introduction and first at-bat, fans also came prepared with plenty of signs that expressed their true feelings. 

One sign in particular showed just how upset some of the D.C. faithful are with Harper. While coming to the plate in the first inning, this fan behind home plate unleashed a sign that was quite harsh. Alluding to a fiery 2015 incident that occurred between Harper and former Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon, the sign recalls the moment when Papelbon lunged and grabbed Harper by the throat after the two had exchanged some heated words when Harper did not run out a ground ball.  

A quick glance at the poster, and you can get the message this man was trying to convey. 

Harper would eventually go down on strikes in his first at-bat. Two innings later, he fell victim to Max Scherzer once again with another punch out.