Dr. Anthony Fauci, who's been instrumental in the United States' coronavirus response over the past few months, threw out the ceremonial first pitch in front of a fanless crowd at Nationals Park on Thursday.

While it was a solid effort, Fauci's toss was just a bittttttt outside, and no fans were in the stands to let him hear it.

For sports fans in Washington, D.C., seeing errant first pitches is nothing new. Wizards point guard John Wall still hears criticism for his hilariously bad pitch, and that happened in 2011. 

After seeing Fauci's first pitch, longtime NBC Sports Washington reporter Chris Miller joked that he had "seen worse," likely referring to Wall's pitch.

After the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018, captain Alex Ovechkin threw out the first pitch as the entire team celebrated the championship at Nationals Park. Ovi, who likely had some delicious beverages prior, threw his pitch way over Max Scherzer's head.

But if there's anyone who's in the lead for worst the worst first pitch of all-time, it's 50 Cent. The longtime musical artist's attempt at the act went so far left that the cameramen were unable to capture it.

So, while Fauci's first pitch wasn't pretty in the slightest, it's good for him to know that plenty of people have done worse.

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