If you think Nats season is bad, Phillies analyst shows it could be worse

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The Washington Nationals 2020 season has gone poorly, as seen in their 10-14 record. An inability to find consistency at the plate and on the mound has been coupled with the loss of Stephen Strasburg for the remainder of the season.

Yet, as bad as it's been, things could be going somewhat worse. To understand why, all you need to do is tune in to what the Philadelphia Phillies are doing. Following a loss to the Braves on Saturday, the Phillies sit at 9-14, making them the bottom dwellers in the NL East. Philadelphia isn't just losing games either, they're losing them in incredible ways.

From defensive lapses that led to getting swept by the Orioles, to blowing a seven-run lead, the Phillies have dropped games in the most painful way possible. Blowing the lead in the eighth and ninth inning on Saturday -- with a newly acquired bullpen arm in Brandon Workman -- was just the latest example.

With each loss, frustration grows among the Philadelphia faithful, including NBC Sports Philadelphia analyst Ricky Bottalico. A former reliever himself, Bottalico has ranted following losses a few times this season, calling the Phillies an "embarrassment to baseball" and "lifeless." After the game against the Braves, Bottalico once again let the team hear it.

“I feel like I just went to a restaurant, ordered ‘I’ll take what’s in the garbage pail and a nice glass of sewer water.’ That’s what I feel like I just did," Bottalico said. “This is pathetic, it really is. This is disgusting. I mean we’re watching a team get a lead every night and it’s Christmas. By the way let’s call in Santa Claus from the bullpen because we’re giving things away. Might as well, every single night.”




The analogy deserves a hat tip for creativity, but it also shows just how brutal the season has been for the Phillies. A talented offense has not been enough to propel the team to wins, and a last-place standing is what they have to show for it.

While the Nationals have not been much better, the situation shows that things could always be a little worse.