Fans run with alternate venue ideas during ‘Field of Dreams’ game

White Sox and Yankees players emerge from the cornstalks at the Field of Dreams game

Major League Baseball really nailed the “Field of Dreams” game, a one-off contest between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox held Thursday in Dyersville, Iowa, with both teams wearing retro-style jerseys, and corn fields making up the outfield walls. It was the first MLB game ever played in the state of Iowa.

Between the Kevin Costner interviews and drone shots of the surroundings, the game played to the nostalgia of baseball well. It also helped that two homer-happy offenses were squaring off; there’s something different about home runs landing among corn stalks.

The game prompted fans to suggest some fun — and admittedly not very serious — ideas for unique venues MLB should consider playing at next.

Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed Thursday afternoon that MLB plans to return to Dyersville in August of next season for another game, though he wouldn’t say which teams will be participating. Cubs manager David Ross let slip Wednesday that Chicago may be one of them, though he immediately tried to backtrack his comment.

Even if the “Field of Dreams” game sticks around, perhaps it will pave the way for MLB to explore other themed venues. Anyone up for nine innings in Durham?