It's been a year since we became the 'District of Champions'


Hard to believe it's been right around a year since we officially became the "District of Champions".

After the Nationals won the World Series, the memories of the "D.C. Sports Curse" felt more like a bad dream with just a few fuzzy details lingering. But that Game 7 win over the Astros also brought a whole new and very foreign emotion from Washington sports fans -- we all felt like winners. 

This, of course, was the start of it back in 2018...

After that, how many of you felt fulfilled? A lot of sports fans around here did, and that's totally okay. We were just happy to go to a parade. 

For so long we begged just for a team to make it to a conference finals let alone win a championship, and at the time it was still hard to believe more could actually follow what the Capitals did. 

Fast forward to 2019, and the beginning of October brought us a title from the Mystics, and 20 days later the Nationals came back from Houston with their first World Series, giving birth to a new nickname for a sports town once starving for success:

You kind of felt like Ricky Bobby, not knowing what to do with his hands, except those hands were our very new and hard to explain emotions celebrating more historic seasons for teams in D.C.

Too dramatic? C'mon, it was a weird time for you, too, just admit it. 


The best part about last October was seeing so many other teams embrace these championship runs. The Capitals might have been the Nationals' biggest fans -- they celebrated together after a Caps game in the locker room at Capital One Arena in one of the wildest scenes you will ever see - and the Wizards were front-and-center to support the Mystics.

"District of Champions" took on a much bigger meaning when everyone embraced it, even teams no where near a championship. 

Every championship win was obviously different. The Caps were the trail blazers, the Mystics' was almost expected given their record and falling just short the season before, and the Nats started 19-31 (not sure if you've heard that before or not), but each one built on the last, changing the whole landscape of the D.C. sports world. 

Even with the Wizards and Washington Football Team rebuilding, seeing real-life actual parades gives hope to the future of the rest of the sports landscape we follow. Every one of those teams at one point was just trying to put a winner on the field, and it eventually led to them becoming champions. 

It may not seem like it at the moment, but maybe, juuuuust maybe, we'll be able to look back on now as the starting point for a similar run for one of those organizations too. 

These types of successes take time, but with the right people in place, which both the Wizards and Football Team now have, the goals are clearly to build something that follows in the footsteps of the last three champions we've seen here. 

After all, we are the "District of Champions" now.