Kelly posing with his own mural is a non-Astros fan's dream


Look away, Astros fans. Joe Kelly is at it again. 

The now league-wide fan-favorite pitcher, who was infamously suspended eight games (reduced to five on appeal) for throwing at Astros star Alex Bregman and taunting Carlos Correa with a legendary meme-inducing pouty face. 

Non-Astros fans, which has turned into basically the entire baseball community, rose to the defense of Kelly following his suspension, which ended up being five more games than any Astros player served for their roles in a sign-stealing scandal that rocked the sport to its core over the winter. 

So it comes to no surprise that someone in Los Angeles painted a mural of Kelly's famous pouty face. What's even better is that Kelly visited it Thursday and posed in front of it in epic fashion. 

The timing of the mural couldn't have been better, as the Dodgers and Astros are set to meet again this season on Saturday night to begin a two-game series over the weekend. 

Hopefully, we get to see Kelly in the game again. Will he throw at someone else? Probably not, but the tension between him and the Astros bench is going to be must-see television.