Soto can recall every pitcher he homered off of in postseason


During the Nationals magical 2019 World Series run, Juan Soto blasted five postseason home runs. That stat alone is impressive, and the fact that he was 20-years-old for most of it makes it even more spectacular.

But, what truly makes the feat incredible is the list of pitchers Soto took deep. Winning battles against some of the top arms in the game, it's no surprise that the young phenom is easily able to recall who the homers came against. He proved it in a recent interview on MLB Network's Intentional Talk.

Soto showed no hesitation answering, reminding the world that he did, in fact, obliterate baseballs against Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw and Hyun-Jin Ryu on the biggest stage. 

The only reason Soto paused at one point was that the question itself was a trick, as he did hit five home runs but they only came against four pitchers. He quickly remembered that he got the best of Cole twice during the world series (no big deal).

Soto's postseason dominance is something Nationals fans will never forget, and based on his memory, it seems like the outfielder won't either.