Juan Soto loves to smile. Smiling is his favorite.

In fact, Juan Soto loves smiling so much, he needed his bobblehead to be smiling too. That's why when the bobblehead makers were proud to show him their prototype for his bobblehead night on April 12's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, he told them to redo it.

“I’m always happy, I’m always smiling," Soto said. "So I told them make me smiling. They send me one like, mad or something and I said no, make it smiling.”

The original prototype depicted Soto as most bobbleheads are portrayed, emotionless. However, Soto is not an emotionless guy. It was only fitting for the 20-year-old to be smiling in his bobblehead.

Ahead of tonight's game against the Pirates, Soto and his family are thrilled to have his bobblehead as the first of seven Nationals bobblehead nights.

"I see a lot of players have one and I always dreamed to have," Soto said. "My family is loving it right now.”