Schwarber thinks Girardi's 2nd check on Scherzer was 'bush league'

Joe Girardi walks off the field

Max Scherzer and Davey Martinez were visibly upset at Joe Girardi Tuesday night for requesting a second foreign substance check on the Nationals' ace. 

The check went on mid-inning and once Scherzer retired the side, he stared down Girardi in the opposing dugout. General manager Mike Rizzo went on to call Girardi a con artist for his actions Tuesday, and now Nats outfielder Kyle Schwarber is getting in on the action. 

"Obviously the checks are the checks, but the extra checks there, I think that's a little bush league," Schwarber said on MLB Network radio. "If I was Max I would've done the same thing. I would've been losing my mind and definitely giving the stare-down after the inning's over."

Major League Baseball has begun enforcing a new rule banning pitchers from using any foreign substance to improve their grip on the baseball. Pitchers have pushed back, claiming they can't get a good handle on the ball without outside help. 

So while umpires continue to check pitchers and police the game the way the league has asked them, Schwarber believes Girardi had other intentions with that second, mid-inning check. 

"Pretty much all it is there is somebody trying to get Max off his rhythm," Schwarber said. "It was just like poking the bear. Girardi poked the bear."


The Nats have one more game against the Phillies before hitting the road to play the Marlins on Thursday.