With so many things to do in a city like Atlanta, it might not be the ideal place for an out-of-towner in the middle of a pandemic, or more specifically an athlete. Not resisting the urge to hit the city for a night out could result in, at minimum, a bunch of headlines. Just ask Lou Williams of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers.

At worst, the decision could apparently wreck an entire professional sports schedule. According to USA TODAY columnist and sports insider Bob Nightengale, that's exactly what happened with the Miami Marlins.


During an appearance on 93.7 The Fan's (Pittsburgh) "The PM Team w/Poni & Mueller," Nightengale said the Marlins' outbreak stemmed from a night out by a few of the players.

"I think a couple of guys went out in Atlanta," Nightengale said. "So, that's what happened. I don't think it was any kind of fluke from the bus driver, pilot or something like that. I believe some guys got careless... at least one guy did, for sure. He went out, and I think he came back positive, spread it around."


However the outbreak started, the breakout resulted in 17 Marlins testing positive for COVID-19, the postponement of the team's schedule this week, which included games against the Orioles and Nationals, and the postponement of the Phillies' series against the Yankees.

"I think this is a wake-up call for all other teams that you better not go out at night," Nightengale said. "If you bring it in, you got a chance to knock off the season by yourself."

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