Max and Erica Scherzer help fund 4th Legacy Field in D.C.


Even as a Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Max Scherzer's philanthropic contributions to the Nationals carry on. 

A week and a half removed from getting shipped to Los Angeles at the MLB Trade Deadline, Scherzer and the Nats have released an important update to a project that began over the summer: Development has begun on the fourth Legacy Field in Ward 8. 

Along with his wife Erica, the Scherzers' financial contributions to the newest Legacy Field will help build one piece of a redevelopment project that will feature a new high school and its sports fields - including a baseball diamond, football field, and basketball court. 

“Kids should have access to not only a great education but also the chance to play as many sports as possible,” Scherzer said earlier this summer during a site visit. “Having a baseball field alongside a basketball court and football field is exactly what I would have wanted as a kid. We are proud to support a project that brings all of these opportunities together in one place.”

The Scherzers also paid all adoption fees for every animal adopted in the seven days following the trade through the Humane Rescue Association as a way to say thank you for their seven years in Washington D.C. The Scherzers have contributed more cash to Nationals' philanthropic endeavors than anyone since 2015, and their commitment to pay it forward hasn't stopped since Max was dealt.


The other three Legacy Fields are named after ex-Nationals slugger and current NL MVP favorite Bryce Harper, former fan favorite Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, and longtime face of the franchise Ryan Zimmerman. Scheduled to open next spring, this fourth legacy field has yet to be named after a current or former Nationals player.