Scherzer calls Davey Martinez’s contract extension ‘great’


Mike Rizzo said everyone in the organization was excited Saturday because manager Davey Martinez received a contract extension. Among those pleased is Max Scherzer, who is moving into the final year of his seven-year contract.

“It’s great that we extended Davey,” Scherzer said Saturday. “Very well-deserved. Everything from day one to where he’s gotten to now, he’s grown so much. He’s really become one of my favorite managers of all. I don’t want to throw any shade to [Jim] Leyland or Bob Melvin because I really enjoyed playing for those guys. But Davey really understands how to manage a clubhouse, manage a team. We saw it in the postseason. Knows how to push the right buttons when everything is on the line. He’s everything you want in a manager. And that’s why I’m happy the organization was able to sign him back.”

Martinez signed a contract extension reportedly for three years. It will make him the Nationals’ longest-tenured manager.

Scherzer’s mound exchanges with Martinez quickly became GIF lore, but their relationship extends well beyond a memorable scene of Scherzer yelling, “No!” at Martinez when he came to the mound in June of 2019.

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One of their early interactions included an office visit following an in-dugout spat between Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. The mound interaction later brewed a perception that Scherzer constantly dictated when he would be removed from a game. That’s not true. At times, Martinez pushed Scherzer further than he may have chosen. Others, Scherzer is honest about when it is time for him to come out of the game. The pair has a good working relationship brewed across the last three seasons.


Now, they will be working together for at least one more season, which brought a big smile to Scherzer’s face on Saturday.