Greatest National ever? Scherzer has earned the title


As Max Scherzer now has his eighth MLB All-Star game appearance and fourth start in the rearview mirror, it's time we fully acknowledge where he stands in Nationals' history. 

Max Scherzer is the greatest player ever to put on a Nats uniform. 

He may not be "Mr. National." That's a title that will always go to Ryan Zimmerman. But the level of dominance and consistency Scherzer has shown during his time in Washington has earned him the right to sit at the top of the list. 

The resume: World Series champion, two-time Cy Young award winner, three-time NL strikeout leader, two no-hitters his first year in Washington, led the NL in wins twice, plus, he even tied the MLB record for strikeouts (20) in a 9-inning game.

Yes, Bryce Harper's MVP season was incredible, but he was never able to keep that dominance up beyond 2015. Vlad Guerrero doesn't count because the Expos aren't part of this conversation (don't you try and stir the pot with that, dear reader). 

Scherzer has exceeded every expectation when the Nationals signed him in 2015, and with free agency looming this offseason and his 37th birthday coming at the end of July, there's reason to wonder how much more will be added to this legacy in Washington. 

Whenever the end of his career here comes, one thing we know for sure, fans in D.C. will always cherish the "Mad Max" era, the greatest player in Washington Nationals history.