On the mound, Max Schezer is the star. But on the red carpet? The spotlight belongs to his daughter, Brooklyn.

Tuesday afternoon, as baseball’s best paraded down the 2019 MLB All-Star Game red carpet,  Scherzer’s young daughter captured attention by, quite simply, being adorable.

Brooklyn looked happy to join her father during the pregame festivities, and she rocked the perfect ensemble to boot.

The top of her dress was covered in baseballs, bats and jerseys, plus a few red 31’s. It’s hard to tell from the team’s photos whether or not the jerseys are actually Max Scherzer jerseys, but it’s clear Brooklyn's dress was customized with her dad in mind. 

She may not be able to place a fastball over the outside corner, nor can she swat home runs with the best of them. But at baseball’s biggest showcase Tuesday afternoon, she was as big a star as any player there.