Nats GM Mike Rizzo 'couldn't fathom' 20-game losing streak

Mike Rizzo

Losing streaks aren't any fun. 

Ask anyone who's ever played for or rooted for a sports team in their life. When the losses start to pile up, so does the misery. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo is no different, and as the nearby Orioles approach their 20th consecutive loss, he told the Sports Junkies just how terrible it is to be on a small losing streak, let alone one of historic proportions. 

"We've lost five, six in a row and it's miserable," Rizzo said Wednesday. "The food tastes bad, you don't sleep at night and it's a miserable way to live your life when you're losing on those losing streaks.

"I couldn't fathom twenty in a row. That would be difficult for me."

This hasn't been the best season for the Nationals. They struggled with consistency early in the season before fading away in the standings and selling off several key veterans at the trade deadline. Even for one of the worst seasons in recent memories for Washington, their longest losing streak is only seven games. 

The O's are approaching a franchise-worst 21 game-skid in their series with the Angels and aren't too far away from the all-time record in the modern by the 1961 Phillies (23). If Rizzo is miserable after seven straight losses, it's hard to imagine what it'd be like to triple that feeling.  

Baltimore is set to face Shohei Ohtani on the mound Wednesday night as they attempt to end their brutal losing streak. 


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