Mike Trout is the best hitter in baseball right now, and it's not really much of an argument. Trout's absurd and consistent numbers throughout his first nine season in the league most likely make him the batter a pitcher would least like to face.

But, who does the most feared batter in Major League Baseball view as the toughest pitcher to take on? That would be the Nationals' Max Scherzer.

During an Instagram Live with professional golfer Brooks Koepka, Trout was asked who the best pitcher he's ever faced. With little hesitation, he went with Mad Max.

"Best pitcher? I got to say Scherzer, man," Trout said. 

Scherzer and Trout did battle more often from 2011 to 2014 when the right-hander was still with the Detroit Tigers. Since then he's been doing most of his damage on the mound in the National League, which is something that Trout won't complain about.


"I was happy when he left to the National League," Trout said.

Even though the two don't face off as often anymore, Trout still remembers a recent matchup that came during the 2018 All-Star Game. Scherzer started on the mound in his home ballpark, while Trout was third in the AL lineup.

Scherzer, more jacked up than normal, had punched out the first two batters of the inning on six pitches. In a groove, the crowd was chanting his name and hoping to see an immaculate inning. Trout did not let that happen, even as Scherzer's grunts got louder. 


"I worked like an eight-pitch walk. It was the best at-bat I've ever had," Trout said. "He was throwing nasty pitches, I was just fouling stuff off."

Thought Trout won that battle, he still knows that Scherzer has all the stuff to best him. As many have said, there's really only one way to describe what it's like to go up against No. 31 for the Nationals.

"Yeah, he's nasty."

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