MLB may ban alcohol celebrations, but Nats capitalized with 5 in 2019


Major League Baseball plans to inform teams that alcohol will be banned from playoff celebration parties this season and players will be asked to temper emotions to avoid excess physical contact, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman reported Monday.

Teams typically celebrate clinching the playoffs by congregating in their clubhouses and spraying champagne around the room, a well-deserved release of emotions after months of playing baseball on a near-everyday basis. Though this season is only 60 games, the expanded playoff format MLB set for 2020 will ensure more teams clinch playoff spots than ever before.

But as the Nationals brace for what will likely be a season without a playoff appearance, they can at least take solace in the fact that they enjoyed the maximum five clubhouse celebrations — alcohol and all — last year on their way to winning the World Series.

Those celebrations became an integral part of the Nationals’ record-setting title run. They spawned priceless moments such as Brian Dozier going shirtless….

…Stephen Strasburg chugging from the National League champions trophy….

…Juan Soto restricting himself to grape juice…

…that is, until he turned 21…

…and such a compilation wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the conga line Max Scherzer started at a local bar…

Moments like these may not be possible in 2020, but the Nationals certainly got their fill last season.