MLB negotiations end without deal on final day before CBA expires


Major League Baseball is on course to begin a lockout in less than nine hours.

The players have been told there will not be any more collective-bargaining negotiations on Wednesday. The current collective bargaining agreement expires at 11:59 p.m. ET, meaning the league can lock out the players at midnight.

The league and players union held meetings in Texas this week in an attempt to agree on a deal before Wednesday’s deadline. Those talks reportedly did not bring the two sides any closer, and a meeting between union officials and league negotiators on Wednesday reportedly ended in minutes.

The current CBA was signed on Nov. 30, 2016, as a five-year agreement.

A lockout would mark the ninth work stoppage in league history and the first since 1994-95. Five of the previous stoppages have been strikes, while the other three were lockouts. None of the three previous lockouts in MLB history have resulted in canceled regular season games.


There is no indication of when a deal will be reached. MLB Opening Day is set for March 31, 2022.