MLB removes more games, Opening Day postponed until April 14


MLB announced that two more series have been removed from the 2022 regular season schedule.

“Regrettably, after our second late-night bargaining session in a week, we remain without a deal,” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. “Because of logistical realities of the calendar, another two series are being removed from the schedule.”

The earliest Opening Day can start is April 14.

The league first announced it was removing games from its schedule on March 1, canceling the first two series for each team. MLB set a Wednesday deadline for potentially preserving a 162-game schedule.

The work stoppage, which began on Dec. 2, has now cost the league 184 games in total so far.

An international draft was reportedly the latest issue in collective bargaining negotiations between the league and the players association.


“We have the utmost respect for our players and hope they will ultimately choose to accept the fair agreement they have been offered,” Manfred said to conclude his statement.