MLB says no new COVID-19 positive tests among players


Finally, a leveling.

Major League Baseball announced Friday there was only one positive COVID-19 test among the 11,669 samples tested in the last week. That positive was not among players.

So, the league has bit by bit been able to reduce the number of positive tests by contact tracing and isolation.

Among the players, the league says there have been no new positives for 12 consecutive days and 20 of the last 21 days.

Total, the league has tested 115,337 samples. Of those, 86 were new positives (0.07 percent). Of those 86, 55 were positive among players and 31 among staff members.

Twenty-one of the league’s 30 teams have received a positive test result since monitoring testing began in the days after players arrived for Spring Training 2.0 on July 3. Juan Soto, who believes his result was a false positive, is the only Nationals player to test positive since the regular season began.

Past positive tests threatened to throw the season into disarray. Multiple teams, including the Nationals, will be playing several doubleheaders to reach 60 games played before the season’s conclusion on Sept. 27. The St. Louis Cardinals are 27 games short of that total with 16 days remaining in the regular season. They have 21 games scheduled, including four doubleheaders.

But, the current results make it appear the league will be able to finish the regular season and start the postseason -- likely in multi-city bubbles -- which was the key to begin with. Much of the year’s financial windfall comes from postseason television rights.