Win the World Series, receive an extra $382,358.18.

Such is the case for the Washington Nationals. The Nationals issued 61 full playoff shares, 14.13 partial shares and two cash awards out of their $29,110,012.47 player pool, Major League Baseball announced Tuesday. 

The players' pool is generated by a percentage of postseason gate receipts. The breakdown works like this: 50 percent from the Wild-Card Games, 60 percent from the first three games of the Division Series and 60 percent from the first four games of both the League Championship Series and World Series. 

This year's total pool ( $80,861,145.74) was the third-largest in history, according to MLB.

Washington's share totals are lower than Boston's distribution of a year ago. The Red Sox handed out 66 shares of $416,837.72 after winning the 2018 World Series.

A full share from Houston as the 2019 runner-up clocked in at $256,030.16.

Players hold a meeting before the postseason to decide how to distribute playoff shares. Fifty players appeared in games for the Nationals in 2019. So, 11 non-players received full playoff shares. The extra $328,000-plus may not be much to Max Scherzer, who has a $210 million contract. But, it can be a windfall for others working behind the scenes.