A few things off the top: 

First, baseball travel is brutal. Yes, even for those on a chartered flight. Why night games still exist on getaway days is an ongoing source of frustration for the participants. Trouble is, the other side, the non-traveling revenue collectors, like the money. Which is why the Nationals are stuck -- again -- playing a night game then boarding a plane at whenever o’clock and landing at the time phone calls deliver only bad news.

Second, the weather is diabolical. Numerous times this season, the Nationals appeared set for a postponement at Nationals Park only to play uninterrupted. 

Third, no one wants a postponement. Ever.

With those things under full consideration, the current situation in Minneapolis is not good. Thunderstorms. For hours. However, likely clearance late.

Major League Baseball does not want a postponement. They decide what will happy Thursday night -- not the Twins or Nationals -- while the teams wait. Only one solution exists in the very unlikely situation the game is postponed: It would be made up Sept. 30, the day before the National League Wild-Card Game.

Minnesota and Washington do not share a common off-day going forward. Neither wants to play game 162 after the regular season ends. Baseball writ large doesn’t want it. No one wants it, as much as waiting to start doubles-down on the already-poor turnaround circumstances.

And, that’s most likely what will happen Thursday night. The Nationals and Twins will wait, and wait, and wait in order not to further rankle the schedule. Washington’s final week is already torment filled because of a previous rainout. It plays eight games in seven days thanks to a five-game series against Philadelphia, Tacking on another game, in Minnesota, to possibly make nine in eight days with the National League Wild-Card game the next day? No one wants that, and they’ll do whatever possible to avoid it.