Nats fans will love to hear who Bryce's two favorite players are


Bryce Harper is entering his third season as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, but the 28-year-old outfielder still keeps several tabs on his former Nationals teammates.

On Wednesday, Harper took over the Instagram story for the user BorasCorp, the account belonging to the company of his agent, Scott Boras. As part of the takeover, Harper took part in a Q&A session.

One of Harper's answers, though, will bring plenty of joy to Nationals fans.

The six-time All-Star was asked a simple question: Who are his favorite players to watch right now? Then, unprovoked, Harper answered the question by naming two of Washington's biggest stars.

"Definitely Juan Soto. One of the best swings in the game and a lot of fun to watch," Harper said.

"My other favorite player is another guy I played with, Trea Turner," Harper continued. "Both dynamic players and a lot of fun to watch."

During his seven seasons with the Nationals, Harper overlapped with Turner for three and a half years. Harper spent a lot less time in the same clubhouse as Soto, though, as they only played one year together in 2018.

Despite leaving Washington for division rival Philadelphia in February of 2018, Harper has stayed in touch with several of his Nationals teammates. When Washington won the World Series in 2019, Harper's first year with the Phillies, the outfielder went on the record saying he was cheering for his former teammates.


So, although Harper and the Phillies will face Soto and Turner 19 times per season as long as he's in Philadelphia, the former National has plenty of respect for the team's two best everyday players.

Also in the segment, Harper was asked what his favorite part of Philadelphia right now. Harper responded by saying "bringing J.T. back," citing the five-year deal the Phillies inked to keep catcher J.T. Realmuto in Philly earlier this offseason.

To recap: Harper's two favorite players to watch in baseball are a pair of his former teammates, while his favorite thing about his current team was that it re-signed one of its best players.

It's OK, Bryce. You can admit you miss D.C.