Nats give Barrera silent treatment after first career homer

Tres Barrera

Few moments in an MLB player’s career carry more weight than their first home run.

Whether it comes in their debut or late in their career, that first homer always stands out in the memories of players. So when Nationals catcher Tres Barrera launched his first long ball as a big leaguer Monday night, his teammates made sure to celebrate the moment — by not celebrating the moment.

As is custom when a rookie hits his first home run, Barrera got the silent treatment from his teammates upon his return to the dugout. Trea Turner was busy checking video on a tablet, Andrew Stevenson was taking in the scene on the field and Kyle Schwarber stood on the top step trying not to make eye contact.

Eventually, the Nationals broke character and mobbed Barrera. The home run put them up 5-0 on the Miami Marlins in the bottom of the second and they led by 10 before the inning was over. As easy as it might be for one of the Nationals’ four early home runs to get lost in the shuffle, that first homer — and his teammates’ subsequent reaction — will go down as a memory Barrera won’t soon forget.