Nationals GM Mike Rizzo flaunts Commissioner's Trophy again, this time during MLB Draft


There's only one appropriate thing to do when there's a world championship trophy in your possession: Show it off.

Nobody knows how to do this better than Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo, who had the Commissioner's Trophy on display for local fans to see in April on what would've been the team's home opener. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team's World Series defense was put on hold, so the GM showed the trophy off from a window of his Navy Yard home.

On Wednesday, he again decided to give the world a sneak peek. Another big day in the MLB calendar, Rizzo had the trophy on display during the MLB draft. In the digital video of him during the MLB Network broadcast, the trophy can be seen on a mantle behind him, just in front of his television.

Rizzo's pad would've been a nice flex in itself, without the trophy. But the World Series bling adds just a little extra zest. The Nationals coffee mug on the table is also a nice touch.

Hopefully whoever Rizzo picks at No. 22 can help deliver another one of those bad boys.

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